Friday morning car news roundup, December 9, 2016

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Dieselgate: EU Takes Legal Action Against Overly Accommodating Member States


For days, rumors were swirling in Europe’s capitals that the EU would take member states to court for looking the other way while carmakers flaunted EU emissions regulations. Today, it happened. The EU Commission “is taking action against 7 Member States for failing to set up penalties systems to deter car manufacturers from violating car emissions legislation, or not applying such sanctions where a breach of law has occurred,” the Commission said today in a statement.

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Thursday morning car news roundup, December 8, 2016

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Wednesday morning car news roundup, December 7, 2016

Today is Wednesday

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Tuesday morning car news roundup, December 6, 2016

Today is Tuesday

Top News: Factbox - Why the shift to electric cars may surprise oil groups - Reuters: The Oil View: BP, Exxon's oil market outlooks published this year do not mention driverless vehicles. The International Energy Agency said it had not ... … [Continue reading]

At Nissan, Cars Are Delivered By Driverless LEAFs


Driverless vehicles are not allowed on public roads in Japan, but Nissan has found a way to put them to work nonetheless. At Nissan’s Oppama plant near Yokohama, autonomous LEAF cars shuttle new cars from the factory to the transport ship docked at … [Continue reading]

Monday morning car news roundup, December 5, 2016


Top News:   500th LaFerrari fetches record-breaking final price - Autocar: LaFerrari gets one car added to its original 499-unit production run, with the 500th example auctioned to aid those affected by the Italian earthquake BMW … [Continue reading]

Friday morning car news roundup, December 2, 2016


Top News:   Diesel vehicles to be banned from Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico City by 2025 - Autocar: Worsening road congestion is increasing pollution in cities Danish prosecutor indicts Uber over driver violations - Reuters: … [Continue reading]