If Any Chinese Car Company Will Take On The World, Then This One

When will Chinese carmakers follow the Japanese, and Korean example, and take over the world? If it happens, who will it be? Sitting at a desk overlooking a glitzy Shanghai skyline that can put Manhattan, or downtown Tokyo to shame, I predict that scrappy Geely will be at the vanguard of Chinese automakers to take on the world. I write this after having seen Geely’s R&D center in Hangzhou, after having talked to its production engineers in Geely’s hometown some three hours south of Shanghai, and after having been granted a rare glimpse behind the closed doors of the company’s design studios in Shanghai. I am rarely impressed, but I am.

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Monday morning car news roundup, April 24, 2017

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BS in Shanghai

Bertel Schmitt is in Shanghai the whole week, and behind the infamous firewall. This might, and most likely will, impede the posting of news and articles during this week.

Friday morning car news roundup, April 14, 2017

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