Tuesday morning car news roundup, March 28, 2017

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Monday morning car news roundup, March 27, 2017

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Close Confidante Gets VW CEO In New Dieselgate Trouble

When former Porsche chief Matthias Müller took over as CEO of Volkswagen from disgraced Martin Winterkorn, the jovial Bavarian was welcomed as a new start for Volkswagen. Now, the past has caught up with him. A close confidante and engine computer specialist, supposedly dispatched by Müller to get to the bottom of the dieselgate morass, was involved in the defeat device development from the early get-go, documents cited by Germany’s BILD [German, paywall] suggest. Meanwhile, the only VW top executive indicted in the U.S. sued the Volkswagen at home for an unpaid $1.5 million performance bonus, while Volkswagen fired the law firm it hired to “relentlessly” investigate its emissions scandal.

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Friday morning car news roundup, March 24, 2017

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Thursday morning car news roundup, March 23, 2017

Top News: Californians Snub Free EVs, Carmakers Say in Pushback on Mandate - Bloomberg: The proportion of Californians making electric cars their new set of wheels has stayed flat for years even though incentives make some models... London … [Continue reading]

Wednesday morning car news roundup, March 22, 2017

Top News: UK lawmakers demand more answers from VW over diesel scandal - Reuters: British lawmakers have written to Volkswagen seeking more answers from the German carmaker over the diesel emissions scandal, after criticizing the firm for … [Continue reading]

What’s Going To Happen At Mitsubishi Motors? Ask The Man.

Imagine you are handed a car guy’s dream job. You will be responsible for the complete product range of a big global automaker with a hundred-year long history. Like many automakers, this one had its scandals, and it was in financial doo-doo a few … [Continue reading]

Tuesday morning car news roundup, March 21, 2017

Top News: BMW CEO expects China to clarify electric car policy in next weeks - Reuters: BMW Chief Executive Harald Krueger said he expected Chinese authorities to soon clarify the size of a proposed quota for electric cars as the German carmaker … [Continue reading]